Wayne Christopher

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BACKGROUND Chloroplasts are plant cell organelles of cyanobacterial origin. They perform essential metabolic and biosynthetic functions of global significance, including photosynthesis and amino acid biosynthesis. Most of the proteins that constitute the functional chloroplast are encoded in the nuclear genome and imported into the chloroplast after(More)
This paper describes the typing system used by the ICE 2.0 Tcl compiler[Rouse]. The typing system tracks the usage of variables and allows the compiler to reduce the number of instructions required to carry out Tcl instructions. It will also allow future improvements in code emission by making it possible to carry out standard compiler analyses and(More)
The limitations of homology-based methods for prediction of protein molecular function are well known; differences in domain structure, gene duplication events and errors in existing database annotations complicate this process. In this paper we present a method to detect and model protein subfamilies, which can be used in high-throughput, genome-scale(More)
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