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Determinant formulae are presented for the periodic, antiperiodic and twisted N = 2 superconformal algebras in two dimensions, and a classification is derived of the unitary highest weight representations. Physical realisations of several of these representations are discussed. In particular, it is noted that the unitarity constraints apply to string(More)
Mast cells are known for their participation in immediate and, more recently, delayed hypersensitivity reactions. They have been found in the meninges and certain brain areas where they are strictly perivascular, in close apposition to neurons, and they are activated by direct nerve stimulation or by neuropeptides. Intracranial mast cells contain many(More)
MOTIVATION The lack of standards for storage and exchange of data is a serious hindrance for the large-scale data deposition, data mining and program interoperability that is becoming increasingly important in bioinformatics. The problem lies not only in defining and maintaining the standards, but also in convincing scientists and application programmers(More)
Media conditioned by compound 48/80-stimulated rat mast cells generated immunoreactive histamine-releasing peptide (HRP) when incubated at physiological pH with bovine serum albumin and the carboxypeptidase inhibitor, O-phenanthroline. The generation of immunoreactive HRP (IR-HRP) was time (after 3 h the concentration of IR-HRP was 20 nM), temperature, and(More)
Data management has emerged as one of the central issues in the high-throughput processes of taking a protein target sequence through to a protein sample. To simplify this task, and following extensive consultation with the international structural genomics community, we describe here a model of the data related to protein production. The model is suitable(More)
PURPOSE Mast cells are ubiquitous cells derived from the bone marrow and are responsible for allergic reactions as they release numerous vasodilatory, nociceptive and pro-inflammatory molecules in response to immunoglobulin E (IgE) and specific antigen. Mast cell secretion is also triggered by a number of peptides, such as bradykinin and substance P, and(More)
Solid-state magic-angle-spinning (MAS) NMR of proteins has undergone many rapid methodological developments in recent years, enabling detailed studies of protein structure, function and dynamics. Software development, however, has not kept pace with these advances and data analysis is mostly performed using tools developed for solution NMR which do not(More)
A RIA towards neurotensin (NT) using C-terminal- and N-terminal-specific antisera was used to study degradation of this tridecapeptide by isolated rat mast cells. Incubation of NT (10 microM) with peritoneal or pleural mast cells resulted in a rapid loss of NT immunoreactivity (iNT), as measured by C-terminal-directed antiserum, with little effect on(More)
CcpNmr Analysis provides a streamlined pipeline for both NMR chemical shift assignment and structure determination of biological macromolecules. In addition, it encompasses tools to analyse the many additional experiments that make NMR such a pivotal technique for research into complex biological questions. This report describes how CcpNmr Analysis can(More)