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Habitat quality was assessed for two native osmerids, delta smelt Hypomesus transpacificus and longfin smelt Spirinchus thaleichthys, between two distinct nursery areas located in the low-salinity zone of the San Francisco estuary. The relationship between several variables was investigated including fish density, fish size, feeding success and the general(More)
St. Joseph Bay, Bay County, Florida, U.S.A. is 1 of 4 locations at which the pygmy octopus, Octopus cf. mercatoris, is known to occur. Octopus densities of 1 per 33 m2 were measured and values of catch per day ranging from 1-70 animals were consistently reported Joseph Bay experienced a severe and prolonged harmful algal bloom (HAB) with cell counts(More)
Cattle and sheep need to obtain most of their nutrients from forage, particularly pasture, if they are to be fed economically. With the increased interest in pasture management, there is also an increased interest in improved livestock nutrition on pasture. Livestock that lack adequate nutrients in their diet will have poor performance and health. Because(More)
Atlantic stingrays, Dasyatis sabina, are common residents of shallow-water seagrass habitats that experience natural cycles of severe hypoxia during summer months. We hypothesized that stingrays exposed to hypoxic episodes would improve their hypoxia tolerance by increasing branchial surface area and altering blood oxygen-carrying capacity. To this end, we(More)
A pixel in remotely sensed hyperspectral imagery is typically a mixture of multiple electromagnetic radiances from various ground cover materials. Spectral unmixing is a quantitative analysis procedure used to recognize constituent ground cover materials (or endmembers) and obtain their mixing proportions (or abundances) from a mixed pixel. The abundances(More)
Conventional wisdom tells us that dot product based bump mapping requires specialized hardware, but we show that this form of per-pixel lighting can be performed interactively on today's consumer class hardware with nothing more than core OpenGL functionality. The key to the approach described here is a multipass approximation of the vector dot product(More)
Aquatic animals are faced with the challenge of extracting oxygen from water, a medium that is metabolically expensive to ventilate and that contains just a fraction of the oxygen concentration relative to air, yet the physiologies of fishes have evolved to support a wide range of activity levels in nature. Oxygen delivery components, including gill surface(More)
The purpose of this thesis is to develop a topology data structure that supports both structured and unstructured grid generation methods. This to-pology data structure directly supports the method of building edge grids, surface grids and volume grids in order to construct high quality computational fluid dynamics (CFD) grids. The minimal topological(More)
Juvenile ribbontail stingrays, Taeniura lymma (Forsskål, 1775) of the tropical West Pacific inhabit mangal and seagrass nurseries that often experience rapid and extreme increases in water temperature. We hypothesized that juvenile rays possess a thermal strategy similar to other hyperthermic specialists, in which fish prefer high temperatures, are always(More)
Despite being the prefered approach for still-image compression for nearly a decade, wavelet-based coding for video has been slow to emerge, due primarily to the fact that the shift variance of the discrete wavelet transform hinders motion estimation and compensation crucial to modern video coders. Recently it has been recognized that a redundant, or(More)