Wayne Belzer

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The Canadian Atmospheric Network for Currently Used Pesticides (CANCUP) was the first comprehensive, nationwide air surveillance study of pesticides in Canada. This paper presentsthe atmospheric occurrence and distribution of pesticides including organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), organophosphate pesticides (OPPs), acid herbicides (AHs), and neutral(More)
In order to distinguish between 'local' and 'background' sources of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in coastal British Columbia (Canada) air, we collected samples from two sites: a remote site on western Vancouver Island, and a near-urban site in the Strait of Georgia. Seasonally-integrated samples of vapor,(More)
A new gas chromatographic method is described for the analysis of fungicides captan, captafol, and folpet from organic extracts of air samples using large volume injection (LVI) via a cold on-column (COC) inlet coupled with gas chromatography-negative chemical ionization-mass spectrometry (GC-NCI-MS). Although standard split/splitless injection due to high(More)
Symmetrical fractures of the lower legs are caused by direct trauma such as a blow against a sharp edge, collision of vehicles or a blow against the shock adsorber. Frequently combined injuries of the legs, the skull or the pelvis occur subsequently. Open multi-fragment fractures at different levels of the lower leg are most commonly found. Lesions of the(More)
The Rio Grande is the natural boundary between the United States and Mexico from El Paso, Texas, to Brownsville, Texas. It supports about 12 million people on both sides of the border for municipal, agricultural, industrial, and recreational uses. The rapid population and economic growth along the border region has led to increased pollution in the Rio(More)
The treatment of fractures in the region of forearm, wrist, and metacarpals has often resulted in moderate or even severe deformities, early arthrosis and dysfunctions of the above parts. Early recognition and proper application of osteosynthesis would definitely prevent these late complications. Im Anschluß an die Behandlung von Frakturen im Bereich des(More)
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