Wayne Allen

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Rural communities suffer from a lack of infrastructure for inexpensive high-speed access to the Internet. One approach to providing high-speed access in these environments is to share a small number of more expensive high-speed connections across the community. A wireless mesh network can provide a low-cost backbone to enable this sharing. Existing(More)
The MCC CAD Framework Methodology Management System (MMS) is used to describe and control distributed engineering activities in terms of design methodologies. The MMS provides a medium for tool and task description which includes extensible dependency semantics as well as access to data managemen~ communication, and general computation services. The MMS(More)
The Digital Media Collaboratory (DMC) at the University of Texas is developing a software framework that can be used for the creation of focused knowledge bases. A focused knowledge base (FKB) is defined as a knowledge base that is tailored to support a specific mission—a stated organizational objective for bringing about desired change. Like other(More)
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