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Let K be a number field, t a parameter, F = K(t), and ϕ(x) ∈ K[x] a polynomial of degree d ≥ 2. The polynomial Φ n (x, t) = ϕ • n (x)−t ∈ F [x], where ϕ • n = ϕ • ϕ • · · · • ϕ is the n-fold iterate of ϕ, is absolutely irreducible over F ; we compute a recursion for its discriminant. Let F ϕ be the field obtained by adjoining to F all roots (in a fixed F)(More)
Electron microscopic features and biochemical events were outlined in basidiospore germination of Schizophyllum commune. Normal ultrastructural changes included prominent vacuolization and more abundant endoplasmic reticulum. A lag phase in outgrowth included depletion of cellular reserves of trehalose, mannitol, and arabitol and subsequent increases in(More)
Algorithmic logic is the logic of basic statements concerning algorithms and the algorithmic rules of deduction between such statements. It is a type-free logic capable of significant self-reference. Because of its expressive strength, traditional rules of logic are not necessarily valid. As shown in [1], the threat of paradoxes, such as the Curry paradox ,(More)