Wayne A. Warburton

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We hypothesized that increasing or decreasing levels of control in an ostracized individual could moderate aggressive responding to ostracism. Participants were either ostracized or included in a spontaneous game of toss, and then exposed to a series of blasts of aversive noise, the onsets over which they had either control or no control. Aggression was(More)
Despite recent growth of research on the effects of prosocial media, processes underlying these effects are not well understood. Two studies explored theoretically relevant mediators and moderators of the effects of prosocial media on helping. Study 1 examined associations among prosocial- and violent-media use, empathy, and helping in samples from seven(More)
This paper profiles meta-cognitive (affect-dysregulation, empathy and identity-concerns) and interper-sonal difficulties in both overt (ON) and covert (CN) narcissism. It explores mediation effects of meta-cog-nition in interpersonal difficulties. Participants (n = 177) completed self-report measures of ON and CN, affect-dysregulation, empathy,(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to test the Biosocial Theory of borderline personality disorder (BPD) that posits that borderline traits are due to emotional dysregulation, caused by the interaction between childhood emotional vulnerability and invaliding parenting. METHOD A total of 250 adults (76% female, median age = 32.06 years) from a nonclinical population(More)
ACCM's movie reviewers have begun reviewing the movies which will be in the cinemas for the 2014-15 summer holidays. As usual the challenge for parents will be finding movies suitable for the whole family. G rated movies include: Paddington Penguins of Madagascar Paper planes However, even these movies on the G list may not be fright-free. Our reviewers(More)
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