Wayne A Hale

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BACKGROUND Poor performance on mobility testing is one of a number of factors associated with increased falls in community-dwelling elderly. The significance of these associations has not previously been tested in a sample drawn exclusively from a primary care practice. METHODS This 1-year prospective study recorded falls, fall injuries, and related(More)
BACKGROUND This 1-year prospective study examined the accuracy of patient recall of falls and fall injuries and completeness of chart documentation of these events. METHODS One hundred ambulatory geriatric family practice patients reported falls weekly by postcard with telephone call follow-up. On a final postcard they reported their recall of falls and(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care physicians test for orthostatic hypotension to find risk factors they can modify. By doing so, they may prevent adverse outcomes related to falls and ischemic organ injury due to hypoperfusion. Varied recommendations have been made regarding which patients to test, measurement methods, and the definition of a clinically significant(More)
Older women who had fallen within the last year (n = 63) were compared with those who had not fallen (n = 67) on several psychological and motor measures. Both fallers and nonfallers demonstrated high levels of functioning. Discriminant analysis results indicated that a combination of variables, including physical activity and both psychological (general(More)
Hand-held computers such as the Apple Newton MessagePad, HP 200LX, Psion 3a, and Franklin DBS-2 are now powerful enough to be useful to family physicians in their care of patients. Each fits in a laboratory coat pocket, weighs a pound or less, costs less than $700, turns on instantly, and has excellent battery life. A wide variety of software, including(More)
Cases of leprosy are increasing in the United States because of immigration from countries where the disease is endemic. Infection may not become apparent for several years after immigration. Symptoms related to involvement of peripheral nervous tissue are often the presenting complaint. Prompt treatment can prevent the potentially severe sequelae of this(More)