Waverly Ding

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A proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL) which stimulates the cell proliferation is abundantly expressed in colorectal cancer (CRC) tumors. In this report, the promoter region of the APRIL gene was determined and the major transcription factor was investigated for the first time. Deletion analysis of 5'-flanking region of the human APRIL gene and transient(More)
The effect of thin filament compliance on our ability to detect the cross-bridge kinetics was examined. Our experiment is based on the facts that in rabbit psoas the thin filament (1.12 micrometer) is longer than half the thick filament length (0.82 micrometer) and that the thick filament has a central bare zone (0.16 micrometer). Consequently, when(More)
Objective: To detect the expression of long noncoding RNA(lncRNA)stomach cancer-associated transcript-3(STCAT3) in gastric cancer tissues, adjacent tissues, human gastric cancer cell lines and normal gastric epithelial cell lines, and to investigate the relationship between STCAT3 expression and clinicopathological features and malignant phenotype of(More)
Employing the graphene sheets (GSs), the electron scattering constants are measured in the high-angle annular dark-field (HAADF) imaging by the scanning transmission electron microscopy. Single scattering is found to be dominant until the layer number of 200, complying with a simple relation of I = Io(1 - e(-tau/lambda)). The discrete layer counting of the(More)
Firms compete against rivals having abilities and resources that are different from their own. I present a simple model of spatial competition that predicts two rivals will be (1) more likely to differentiate their products when the gap between their abilities is large, and (2) less likely to differentiate when the market size ratio between product segments(More)
— This paper analyses the fracture behavior of the brazed BCBN grain by comparison with brazed PCBN grain through grinding test of Nickel-based superalloy. The self-sharpening effect is created by timing micro-fracture behavior for BCBN abrasive grains, but by macro-fracture behavior for PCBN abrasive grains. During grinding with brazed BCBN abrasive(More)
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