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Statistics reported by the United Nations indicate that the elderly population has grown rapidly and continuously. These indicators illustrate the fact that we are entering into the era of aging population. The elderly are usually faced with many problems resulting from the deterioration of health with increasing age. One of the major problems comes in the(More)
Applications that require continuous processing of high-volume data streams have grown in prevalence and importance. These systems process streaming data in real-time and provide instantaneous response to support precise and ontime decisions. In such systems, it is difficult to know exactly how a particular result is generated or more particularly how to(More)
Applications that operate over streaming data with high-volume and real-time processing requirements are becoming increasingly important. These applications process streaming data in real-time and deliver instantaneous responses to support precise and on-time decisions. In such systems, traceability - the ability to verify and investigate the source of a(More)
A new breed of applications and services that combines data and content from diverse sources which we refer to as "mash-ups" has grown significantly all across the Internet. One of the most popular mash-ups comes in the form of web feed mash-ups relying on syndication technologies such as RSS and Atom. This kind of mash-ups aggregates web feeds derived from(More)
Engineering structure has been regarded as one of the physical aspects of societal and civil development and evolution. It also impacts life quality and safety of the civilian. Despite of its own weight (dead load) and live load, structural members are also significantly affected by disaster and environment. Proper inspection and detection are thus crucial(More)
Over the last few decades, the world population structure has changed dramatically where the number of elderly people increases and that of young people decreases. The number of elderly people has now quadrupled from its number in 1950. It is projected to reach around the 2 billion by 2050. These statistics strongly indicate the fact that we are entering a(More)
A new class of data management systems that operate on highvolume streaming data is becoming increasingly important. As this kind of systems has to process unpredictable streaming data in real-time and deliver instantaneous responses, it becomes very difficult to precisely validate stream processing results in timely manner, verify stream computation that(More)