Wathsala Widanagamaachchi

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Figure 1: Our framework provides a natural and interactive exploration of tracking graphs (middle), combined with a traditional 3D view of features (left), and allows a cross-linked selection among them to enable a full spatio-temporal exploration of data. The selected feature is displayed in 'red' in the 3D feature viewer while the relevant subtree in the(More)
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Laboratory strongly supports academic freedom and a researcher's right to publish; as an institution, however, the Laboratory does not endorse the viewpoint of a publication or guarantee its technical correctness. Figure 1: Halos found on a set of particles from a cosmological simulation: (a) Dataset(More)
ii Declaration I, Wathsala Nayomi Widanagamaachchi (2005CS155), hereby certify that this thesis entitled 'Facial Emotion Recognition with a Neural Network Ap-proach' is entirely my own work and it has never been submitted nor is currently been submitted for any other degree. Abstract Behaviors, actions, poses, facial expressions and speech; these are(More)
Understanding the temporal evolution of features of interest requires the ability to: (i) extract features from each snapshot; (ii) correlate them over time; and (iii) understand the resulting tracking graph. This paper provides new solutions for the last two challenges in the context of large-scale turbulent combustion simulations. In particular, we(More)
Figure 1: Snapshots around a time the tungsten surface is pushed upward by a over-pressurized helium bubble (left), then recoils as the bubble bursts (center, right). In each snapshot, the tungsten voids are indicated in blue, helium bubbles in gray, and the extracted statistics and bubble evaluation details are also displayed. Here, the simulation box is ≈(More)
This document serves as a supplementary document to further expand upon the capabilities of the Ray Graph structure. We first provide some additional examples for 360 • and street panoramas. Fig. S.1 shows some results of 360 • panoramas from two different datasets. These have been created from a Ray Graph traversal which maintains the directional coherency(More)
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