Wathiq Mansoor

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This paper presents an approach for the design and development of service-driven applications. These applications rely on the collaboration of multiple services that businesses offer to the external community. To ensure that the collaboration of services takes place effectively, service chart diagrams are proposed as a specification technique. These(More)
The paper discusses mobile services (m-services) in the wireless world. This world has its own features that make it different from the wired world. For instance, new communication channels need to be used, new user-friendly services need to be suggested, and new types of computing resources need to be involved. The paper also discusses the use of software(More)
This paper presents an approach that aims at personalizing Web services composition and provisioning using context. Composition addresses the situation of a user's request that cannot be satisfied by any available service, and thus requires the combination of several Web services. Provision-ing focuses on the deployment of Web services according to users'(More)
Software agent technology will become a necessity to e-commerce (traditional or wireless) rather than luxury. We propose an agent-based environment, which we call E-Commerce through Wireless Devices (E-CWE), that allows users, stationary or mobile, to submit their requests for services offered by providers. The E-CWE environment consists of a reception(More)
(1) Background: A disabled student or employee in a certain university faces a large number of obstacles in achieving his/her ordinary duties. An interactive smart search and communication application can support the people at the university campus and Science Park in a number of ways. Primarily, it can strengthen their professional network and establish a(More)