Wataru Sunayama

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As the Internet becomes the basic resource of information, not only texts but image retrieval systems have appeared. However, many supply only a list of images, so we must seek desired images one by one. Image labeling is one solution to such a problem, in which various words are labeled to an image when extracted from a single Web page. Therefore, this(More)
A four stage social network trend mining framework, the IGCV (Identification, Grouping, Clustering and Visualisation) framework, is described. The framework extracts trends from social network data and then applies a sequence of techniques (" tools ") to this data to facilitate interpretation of the identified trends. Of particular note is the visualisation(More)
Individuals who can exploit text-mining tools well to get useful knowledge are limited since most people lack such technical knowledge. In this study, we used TETDM [1] that is one of text-mining tool and provided text-mining technologies so that even text-mining beginners got useful information and gained knowledge by combining many text-mining results.(More)