Wataru Sunayama

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This paper proposes a support system for composing good titles for research papers in order to reach new audiences. Our system takes titles as input. The system evaluates title understandability and interest level of a title. The system ranks titles and outputs a title list. Users are able to recompose their titles by referring to the list and each(More)
As the Internet becomes the basic resource of information, not only texts but image retrieval systems have appeared. However, many supply only a list of images, so we must seek desired images one by one. Image labeling is one solution to such a problem, in which various words are labeled to an image when extracted from a single Web page. Therefore, this(More)
A four stage social network trend mining framework, the IGCV (Identification, Grouping, Clustering and Visualisation) framework, is described. The framework extracts trends from social network data and then applies a sequence of techniques (“tools”) to this data to facilitate interpretation of the identified trends. Of particular note is the visualisation(More)
In recent years, with the growth of electronic communication such as e-mail, blogs, and on-line reports, we have had many opportunities to write documents. Although a document is used to transfer information or intention, it may be hard to read even if the writer made strong efforts to make it readable. Therefore, there is need for a system that can supply(More)