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A genome-wide scan for quantitative trait loci affecting respiratory disease and immune capacity in Landrace pigs.
Respiratory disease is the most important health concern for the swine industry. Genetic improvement for disease resistance is challenging because of the difficulty in obtaining good phenotypesExpand
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Selection for resistance to swine mycoplasmal pneumonia over 5 generations in Landrace pigs
Abstract The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the selection of a pig line with improved resistance to swine mycoplasmal pneumonia and meat production in Landrace pigs. The selection wasExpand
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Effects of dietary beta-glucan and seaweed on growth performance and immune traits in weaning pigs
離乳直後の子豚への飼料添加物給与の有効性を,発育と末梢血中免疫形質から検討した.試験1では3週齢で離乳させたランドレース種12頭をβ-グルカン0.025%添加区(β区),海藻0.05%添加区(海藻区),対照区に4頭ずつ分け7週齢まで試験し,試験2では3週齢で離乳させたデュロック種16頭を0.05% β区,対照区に8頭ずつ分け12週齢まで試験を行った.発育は試験2でβ区が優れていた(P <Expand
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Positive selection of cereblon modified function including its E3 ubiquitin ligase activity and binding efficiency with AMPK.
Cereblon (CRBN) is a substrate receptor for an E3 ubiquitin ligase that directly binds to target proteins resulting in cellular activities, such as energy metabolism, membrane potential regulation,Expand
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Data for positive selection test and co-evolutionary analysis on mammalian cereblon
Cereblon (CRBN) is a substrate recognition subunit of the CRL4 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex, directly binding to specific substrates for poly-ubiquitination followed by proteasome-dependentExpand