Wataru Kobayashi

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A low operating energy is needed for nanocavity lasers designed for on-chip photonic network applications. On-chip nanocavity lasers must be driven by current because they act as light sources driven by electronic circuits. Here, we report the high-speed direct modulation of a lambda-scale embedded active region photonic-crystal (LEAP) laser that holds(More)
We present a novel parallel-ring-resonator tunable laser monolithically integrated with an InGaAlAs electroabsorption modulator. The fabricated tunable laser exhibits stable wavelength tuning with a step of 200 GHz over a wide tuning range of 35 nm, achieved with a single electrode control. The variation in the laser output power with wavelength tuning is(More)
This paper describes a novel ray tracing method for solving sound diffraction problems. This method is a Monte Carlo solution to the multiple integration in the analytic secondary source model of edge diffraction; it uses ray tracing to calculate sample values of the integrand. The similarity between our method and general ray tracing makes it possible to(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMN) enable easy construction and management of wireless network environments. In WMNs, access points communicate wirelessly and establish routes to other access points autonomously. This technology is useful in serious situations, such as natural disasters, because access points do not require wired connections to establish(More)