Wataru Kobayashi

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A low operating energy is needed for nanocavity lasers designed for on-chip photonic network applications. On-chip nanocavity lasers must be driven by current because they act as light sources driven by electronic circuits. Here, we report the high-speed direct modulation of a lambda-scale embedded active region photonic-crystal (LEAP) laser that holds(More)
A distributed III-V-on-Si electroabsorption modulator based on an asymmetric segmented electrode has been developed on the hybrid silicon platform for the 1.3 μm transmission window. The measured modulation response shows a 2 dB drop at 67 GHz and an extrapolated 3 dB bandwidth of 74 GHz. Large signal measurements show clearly open eye diagrams at 50 Gb/s.(More)
Sodium ion secondary battery (SIB) is a low-cost and ubiquitous secondary battery for next-generation large-scale energy storage. The diffusion process of large Na(+) (ionic radius is 1.12 Å), however, is considered to be slower than that of small Li(+) (0.76 Å). This would be a serious disadvantage of SIB as compared with the Lithium ion secondary battery(More)
We demonstrate a cost-effective 1.55 µm low chirp 4 × 25 Gbit/s electroabsorption modulated laser (EML) array with 0.8 nm channel spacing by varying ridge width of the lasers and using selective area growth (SAG) integration scheme. The devices for all the 4 channels within the EML array show uniform threshold currents around 18 mA and high SMSRs over 45(More)