Wassim A. Hassan

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The basic reasons we care about information systems security are that some of our information needs to be protected against unauthorized disclosure for legal and competitive reasons; all of the information we store and refer to must be protected against accidental or deliberate modification and must be available in a timely fashion. We must also establish(More)
The main problem facing farmers in the Nile Delta is water shortages at the ends of irrigation networks and canals. These problems have worsened as water demands have increased. Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is currently trying to avoid water deficits by returning agricultural drainage water to the irrigation canals. In the Kafr(More)
A fetus was diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound with bilateral intrauterine pleural effusions that were subsequently drained in utero by insertion of bilateral thoracoamniotic shunts. Serial prenatal ultrasound scans were consistent with a left-sided diaphragmatic hernia. On the first day of life, the infant underwent an exploratory laparotomy for intestinal(More)
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