Wasim Anshasi

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Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS) remains a challenge facing pediatric nephrologists. The underlying histopathology usually affects the course of the disease and the response to treatment. We studied the pattern of histopathology in children with SRNS who presented to the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital (KAUH), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The(More)
Perrault syndrome (PRLTS) is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous disorder. Both male and female patients suffer from sensory neuronal hearing loss in early childhood, and female patients are characterized by premature ovarian failure and infertility after puberty. Clinical diagnosis may not be possible in early life, because key features of PRLTS,(More)
Renal scarring and renal failure remain life-threatening for children born with spinal dysraphism. An early start of therapy helps to safeguard renal function for such children and avoid end-stage renal disease. However, optimal care is not always available in developing countries. We reviewed our data on all newborns with spina bifida who were born at King(More)
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