Washington Taylor

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We consider Dirichlet p-branes in type II string theory on a space which has been toroidally compactified in d dimensions. We give an explicit construction of the field theory description of this system by putting a countably infinite number of copies of each brane on the noncompact covering space, and modding out the resulting gauge theory by Zd. The(More)
We find the terms in the nonabelian world-volume action of a system of many Dp-branes which describe the leading coupling to all type II supergravity background fields. These results are found by T-dualizing earlier results for D0-branes, which in turn were determined from calculations of the M(atrix) theory description of the supercurrent of 11D(More)
We have obtained Chinese hamster ovary cell mutants defective in the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans by screening replicate colonies immobilized on polyester cloth. Depending upon the strain, the mutants accumulated less 35S-labeled glycosaminoglycans per microgram of cell protein by a factor of 6-60 compared to the wild type. Some of the mutants(More)
A Yang-Mills solution is constructed on T 6 which corresponds to a brane configuration composed purely of 0-branes and 6-branes. This configuration breaks all supersymmetries and has an energy greater than the sum of the energies of its components; nonetheless, the configuration is stable classically, at least to quadratic order. An analogous construction(More)
A general algorithm is presented which gives a closed-form expression for an arbitrary perturbative diagram of cubic string field theory at any loop order. For any diagram, the resulting expression is given by an integral of a function of several infinite matrices, each built from a finite number of blocks containing the Neumann coefficients of Witten’s(More)
A matrix model is constructed which describes a chiral version of the large N U(N) gauge theory on a two-dimensional sphere of area A. This theory has three separate phases. The large area phase describes the associated chiral string theory. An exact expression for the free energy in the large area phase is used to derive a remarkably simple formula for the(More)
We give evidence based on level-truncation computations that the rolling tachyon in cubic open string field theory (CSFT) has a well-defined but wildly oscillatory time-dependent solution which goes as e for t → −∞. We show that a field redefinition taking the CSFT effective tachyon action to the analogous boundary string field theory (BSFT) action takes(More)
Three hundred and fifty-two patients with atherosclerotic middle cerebral artery stenosis (MCAS, 53%) or occlusion (MCAO, 47%) have been systematically studied. The study involved all patients entered into the EC/IC Bypass Study with isolated MCA disease or a tandem lesion predominating in the MCA ipsilateral to the ischemic events (18 patients with a(More)