Washington S Alves

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CONFERENCE PROCEEDING Proceedings of the PDA/FDA Adventitious Viruses in Biologics: Detection and Mitigation Strategies Workshop in Bethesda, MD, USA; December 1-3, 2010 Guest Editors: Arifa Khan (Bethesda, MD), Patricia Hughes (Bethesda, MD) and Michael Wiebe (San Francisco, CA) The production of biologic drugs using mammalian cell production systems(More)
The author reports on malaria parasite rates found in the indigenous population of Southern Rhodesia after seven years of insecticide spraying. Although there is little or no overt malaria in sprayed areas, larvae of Anopheles gambiae are still found in certain foci. It is thought possible that the parasite rate is now so low that for practical purposes a(More)
We present a method to derive an analytical expression for the roughness of an eroded surface whose dynamics are ruled by cellular automaton. Starting from the automaton, we obtain the time evolution of the height average and height variance (roughness). We apply this method to the etching model in 1+1 dimensions, and then we obtain the roughness exponent.(More)