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African trypanosomes contain a membrane-bound enzyme capable of removing dimyristylglycerol from the membrane-attached form of the variable surface glycoprotein (mfVSG; Ferguson, M. A. J., K. Halder, and G. A. M. Cross, 1985, J. Biol Chem., 260:4963-4968). Although mfVSG phospholipase-C has been implicated in the removal of the VSG from the trypanosome(More)
The variable surface glycoprotein (VSG) of African trypanosomes possesses a 1,2-dimyristoylglycosylphosphatidylinositol at the carboxy terminus. Cleavage of the 1,2-dimyristoylglycerol (1,2-DMG) moiety from the VSG reportedly results in a higher apparent molecular mass and an increased binding of antibodies against the "cross-reacting determinant" (CRD), a(More)
Bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense and Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense are incapable of de novo purine synthesis. Purine bases are converted directly to ribonucleotides and with the exception of guanine, are stable. Guanine is incorporated directly into ribonucleotides and also deaminated to xanthine. Purine ribonucleosides are hydrolyzed(More)
The glycosome, a microbody organelle found only in kinetoplastid protozoa, compartmentalizes the first six enzymes of glycolysis. In order to better understand the regulation and targeting of glycolytic enzymes in trypanosomes, we have cloned and analyzed the three genes of the phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK) complex of Trypanosoma (Nannomonas) congolense.(More)
The accumulation of many edited mRNAs is developmentally regulated in a transcript-specific fashion in Trypanosoma brucei. In addition, these transcripts are frequently present in two size classes which differ substantially in the lengths of their poly(A) tails, and poly(A) tail length is also developmentally regulated. Previously, these phenomena have only(More)
We show how to find s-PD-sets of size s+1 that satisfy the Gordon-Schönheim bound for partial permutation decoding for the binary simplex codes Sn(F2) for all n ≥ 4, and for all values of s up to ⌊ 2−1 n ⌋ − 1. The construction also applies to the q-ary simplex codes Sn(Fq) for q > 2, and to s-antiblocking information systems of size s+ 1, for s up to ⌊(More)
We examine the binary codes C2(Ai + I) from matrices Ai + I where Ai is an adjacency matrix of a uniform subset graph Γ(n, 3, i) of 3-subsets of a set of size n with adjacency defined by subsets meeting in i elements of Ω, where 0 ≤ i ≤ 2. Most of the main parameters are obtained; the hulls, the duals, and other subcodes of the C2(Ai + I) are also examined.(More)
Trypanosoma (Nannomonas) congolense is an important pathogenic parasite of domestic livestock in Africa. We have cloned a cDNA encoding a prepro-cysteine protease of this protozoan, the sequence of which indicates it is an early mRNA processing intermediate. Northern analysis demonstrates a life-cycle-stage specificity similar to previously described(More)