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Image security is of great importance in many applications including Military, Medical and many others. Generally, images are of very large sizes and conventional encryption techniques are not considered good. An approach that is very recently found in literature is of selective encryption of multimedia images. In this paper a new approach is introduced for(More)
E-Healthcare is an emerging field that provides mobility to its users. The protected health information of the users are stored at a remote server (Telecare Medical Information System) and can be accessed by the users at anytime. Many authentication protocols have been proposed to ensure the secure authenticated access to the Telecare Medical Information(More)
Cloud computing is the emerging field nowadays and it has truly revolutionized the domain of Information Technology. This domain is very large and not easy to handle especially when it comes to the forensic in a cloud environment that is considered a very cumbersome process. This paper presents a feasibility analysis of performing digital forensics via SIEM(More)
Significantly increased use of USB devices due to their user-friendliness and large storage capacities poses various threats for many users/companies in terms of data theft that becomes easier due to their efficient mobility. Investigations for such data theft activities would require gathering critical digital information capable of recovering digital(More)
With the invention of high speed internet and content digitization, large scale content sharing has become exceptionally easy. This ease adds fuel to the fire of piracy, which causes a gigantic loss to content providers. Copyright laws only cause deterrence. Hence a technological solution was required to protect the rights of digital content owners. This(More)
In this paper, a modified digital signcryption model has been proposed keeping in view the requirements of firewall signcryption. Based on this model, the security and efficiency of existing signcryption schemes that are presented over the years have been analyzed. The analysis shows that these schemes lack certain security attributes and violate the basic(More)
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