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In a recent paper, Noor and Noor [K. Inayat Noor, M. Aslam Noor, Predictor–corrector Halley method for nonlinear equations, Appl. Math. Comput., in press, doi:10.1016/j.amc.11.023] have suggested and analyzed a predictor–corrector method Halley method for solving nonlinear equations. In this paper, we modified this method by using the finite difference(More)
In 2008, Liu and Wang established various symmetric identities for Bernoulli, Euler and Genocchi polynomials. In this paper, we extend these identities in a unified and generalized form to families of Hermite-Bernoulli, Euler and Genocchi polynomials. The procedure followed is that of generating functions. Some relevant connections of the general theory(More)
By using the modified Milne-Thomson's polynomial given in Araci et al. (Appl Math Inf Sci 8(6):2803-2808, 2014), we introduce a new concept of the Apostol Hermite-Genocchi polynomials. We also perform a further investigation for aforementioned polynomial and derive some implicit summation formulae and general symmetric identities arising from different(More)
A 35-year-old man presented to the accident and emergency department with history of productive cough, breathlessness and some weight loss over several weeks. He had a past medical history of asthma and eczema. He mentioned that, at times, he had been expectorating sputum with some haemoptysis over the past few months. He was of Bangladeshi origin, but had(More)
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