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Considering the attention given to health education and promotion, it is surprising that little research assesses the opinions and behavioral inclinations of physicians. Survey data collected in Florida address this issue. Responses of primary care private practitioners reveal that whereas MDs endorse health promotion and acknowledge a link between positive(More)
The abstraction of a computer system as a set of asynchronous communicating processes is an important system concept. This paper indicates how the concept could be supported at a low hardware level. A new inter-process communication mechanism called a mailbox is introduced. Examples of its use as a programming tool are given. This is followed by a(More)
Increasing competition among health care organizations has prompted greater concern for the quality of "customer service" in brief encounters with patients. This study examined service practices engaged by dental office staff interacting over the telephone with a potential new customer. The goals of the study were to determine whether the staff displayed(More)
A number of studies have shown that children learn noun pairs faster when they have been presented in a noun-verb-noun context than when they are presented in a noun-conjunction-noun context. Suzuki and Rohwer (1969) hypothesized that the underlying strings of sentences correspond to memory units, making it easier to recall two nouns from the same(More)
This paper briefly reviews the literature on health education, presents findings from 2 surveys conducted by the authors in northwest Florida in 1978, and discusses implications of the data. The 2 surveys were a population-based multistage area probability sample of households which attempted to determine the current status of health knowledge, attitudes(More)
The Australian CSIRONET network links a variety of host mainframes, user terminals, and other systems, via an Australia-wide packet-switching subnetwork comprising over 120 minicomputers. A layered network architecture has been used in integrating different host systems into the network. Portable software has been used extensively in implementing various(More)
The critical region construct can be usefully extended by adding region entry conditions and replacing the mutual exclusion restriction by a more general restriction. This paper discusses an extended construct of this nature, and presents an implementation approach based on Dijkstra's secretary process concept, with the code for the secretary process(More)
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