Warunya Boonjob

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Seven solid phase sorbent materials with reversed-phase, mixed-mode interactions (ion-exchange and reversed-phase), and molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP), namely Oasis HLB, Oasis MAX, Oasis MCX,(More)
Online sorptive preconcentration exploiting renewable solid surfaces, so-called bead injection (BI), in the miniaturized lab-on-valve (LOV) platform is for the first time hyphenated to gas(More)
Handling of carbon nanoparticles as sorptive materials in a flow-through packed-bed mode has been to date hampered by undue pressure drop and deteriorated retention efficiency because of nanoparticle(More)
The use of small scale renewable sorbent material for automated solid phase extraction of multi-residue pharmaceuticals in environmental samples exploiting the sequential injection analysis-bead(More)
Molecular imprinted polymers (MIP) have recently drawn much attention as highly selective solid-phase materials for handling and isolation of organic pollutants in complex matrices. Because of the(More)
A novel and affordable analytical setup is herein reported for automatic flow-through sorptive microextraction of organic contaminants, exploiting polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) as a front-end to gas(More)
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