Warsha Singh

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  • W Singh
  • 1987
Near-total laryngectomy with myo-mucosal valved neoglottis is the most recent of the various surgical procedures for speech rehabilitation. The site and mechanism of phonatory function of the neoglottis has been investigated in eight patients by means of electrolaryngography. Results demonstrate substantial similarity in the nature of function of the(More)
The entire larynx is usually sacrificed in the process of surgical treatment of T3 glottic carcinoma, trans-glottic carcinoma and pyriform sinus carcinoma, with consequent loss of speech. Most of the uninvolved, cancer-free part of the larynx is discarded for no good reason. According to the surgical principles of oncology, a tumour should be removed with(More)
A patient with a nasal neuroblastoma was found to have hypertension and severe hyponatraemia. Radiotherapy and cytotoxic chemotherapy were ineffective in reducing the size and vascularity of the neoplasm. Assay of tumor tissue post mortem revealed high levels of arginine vasopressin. The possibility of vasopressin formation to be added to the better known(More)
The present, study was conducted to determine the level of malondialdehyde (MDA) as an index of free radial induced lipid peroxidation and antioxidant vitamins-vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin E in 75 confirmed cases of urolithiasis. Significantly high level of MDA (p<0.001) with significantly low levels of vitamin E (p<0.001) and vitamin A (p<0.001) with(More)
One hundred and sixty five women admitted in the Regional Medical College Hospital, Manipur, for delivery and their newborns were studied for some anthropometric and hematological parameters. The mean weights of mothers and infants were 50.94 +/- 0.86 kg and 2.86 +/- 0.07 kg, respectively. The mean hemoglobin levels were 11.05 +/- 1.57 g/dl in mothers and(More)
Hyperhomocysteinemia has been considered an independent risk factor in the development of stroke. The present study was undertaken to evaluate serum homocysteine levels in patients with cerebrovascular accidents among the Manipuri population and to compare with the normal cases. Ninety-three cerebrovascular accident cases admitted in the hospital were(More)