Warren Winkelmann

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BACKGROUND It is possible to provide patients with secure access to their medical records using the Internet. Such access may assist patients in the self-management of chronic diseases such as heart failure. OBJECTIVE To assess how a patient-accessible online medical record affects patient care and clinic operations. The SPPARO (System Providing Access to(More)
During the growth period the triradiate cartilage forms a barrier to the intraosseous tumor growth. It is then surgically possible to remove the ilium at the triradiate cartilage and leave more than 2/3 of the acetabulum. After transposition of the remaining acetabulum to the lateral side of the sacrum the hip joint can be preserved with a very good(More)
This epidemiological questionnaire--study about 362 patients suffering from chronic pain related to muscle skeletal disorders shows the following results: most muscle skeletal pain syndromes are located in the area of the head and back (57.5%), patients who want to be treated in an orthopedic pain ambulance, suffer from at least "moderate" pain according to(More)
BACKGROUND Personal health records are web-based applications that allow patients to directly enter their own data into secure repositories in order to generate accessible profiles of medical information. OBJECTIVE The authors evaluated a variety of user interfaces to determine whether different types of data entry methods employed by Personal health(More)
Described is a new technique of segmental spinal instrumentation without sublaminar wiring. The same correction of scoliosis, primary and lasting stability is achieved in comparison to Luque's original method. Our technique is without danger to violate the structures in the spinal canal. Our results of the first twenty patients with scoliosis operated on(More)
Between 10 and 20% of all osteoid osteomas are located in the spine. Diagnosis is often hampered by atypical signs and symptoms and unclear X-rays. Striking (chance) X-ray findings in this case, a spondylolisthesis- can divert attention away from a correct diagnosis. Scintiscanning and computer tomography are essential for a correct diagnosis.
Described is a modification of the hip rotation plasty in a 22 years old man with a high grade chondrosarcoma of the middle and distal part of the right femur. With exception of the sciatic nerve the whole thigh was resected. After rotation of the lower limb 180 degrees an endoprosthesis fixed in the tibia was used for the new hip joint.