Warren White

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  • W H White, J A Anderson, D L Blumenthal, R B Husar, N V Gillani, J D Husar +1 other
  • 1976
Emissions from metropolitan St. Louis caused reduced visibilities and concentrations of ozone in excess of the federal ambient standard (0.08 part per million) 160 kilometers or more downwind of the city on 18 July 1975. Atmospheric production of ozone and visibility-reducing aerosols continues long after their primary precursors have been diluted to low(More)
Data from the Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments (IMPROVE) network of aerosol samplers and NOAA monitoring sites are examined for weekly cycles. At remote and rural sites, fine particle elemental carbon, crustal elements, and coarse particle mass had pronounced (up to 20%) weekly cycles with minima on Sunday or Monday. Fine particle(More)
A standard metric of measurement precision in environmental monitoring is the variance of differences between duplicate (collocated) samples. With duplicate measurements of multiple species, we can extend this variance analysis to include the interspecies covariance of differences between duplicate samples; these covariances can provide clues about the(More)
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