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The relationship between human craniofacial morphology and the biomechanical efficiency of bite force generation in widely varying muscular and skeletal types is unknown. To address this problem, we selected 22 subjects with different facial morphologies and used magnetic resonance imaging, cephalometric radiography, and data from dental casts to(More)
Bone resorption beneath a maxillary complete denture was simulated by the finite element method, assuming that a threshold of compressive strain exists in the alveolar bone above which the resorption occurred. The pattern of predicted resorption was observed when 100 N of force was applied to three positions occlusally, and 20 N was applied facially.(More)
  • W W Wood
  • 1983
The results of this study indicate that: 1. Cast posts without grooves are more retentive when cemented with zinc phosphate than with composite resin. 2. Cast posts with grooves in the posts and adjacent grooves in the teeth are more retentive than cast posts without grooves. 3. Cast posts with grooves and with adjacent grooves in the teeth have equal or(More)
A survey of problems related to stress encountered by 1,255 Canadian dental students was conducted. Substantial experience with problems was reported infrequently, although most students were affected negatively by at least one problem. Most difficulties concerned students' doubts about harnessing their efforts and abilities to master large amounts of(More)
This study evaluated the accuracy of manual and academic variables in predicting preclinical operative technique performance. In addition, it tested and compared two teaching methods and their effects on performance outcomes. Simple correlations and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used. Although correlations were low, they were significant for(More)
This paper describes an innovative work for nanorobot design and manufacturing, using a computer simulation and system on chip prototyping approach. The use of CMOS as integrated circuits, with the miniaturization from micro towards nanoelectronics, and the respective advances of nanowires are considered into the proposed model design and discussed as a(More)
Admission into dental faculties is based on preprofessional average, prerequisite average, and DAT scores among other criteria. This study investigated the predictive validity of these variables on success in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia. Data on 312 students admitted between 1969 and 1976 were subjected to multiple(More)
The lack of specific data correlating activity in the human medial pterygoid muscle with displacement of the jaw during mastication, and the hint of possible differences in function between certain mammalian species, prompted a study of unilateral mastication in six adult subjects. Muscle activity in the medial pterygoid, masseter, and anterior temporal(More)
The electromyographic activity of the deep and superficial portions of the anterior temporal muscle were recorded simultaneously during varied isometric clenching tasks designed to determine whether the two parts of the muscle were capable of differential contraction. The results indicated that for six of the seven subjects tested, significantly different(More)
The nature of activity in the two parts of the muscle is controversial. A reliable technique was developed for recording activity in its inferior part by means of an indwelling needle electrode. This part was most active during anteriorly- or contralaterally-directed intercuspal clenching, vertically-directed clenching with the jaw positioned to the(More)