Warren T. Jones

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The need to develop standardized diets to support zebrafish (Danio rerio) research is supported by the knowledge that specific dietary ingredients, nutrients, or antinutritional factors in diets have been shown to affect development and growth of adult D. rerio and their offspring. In this study, there were seven dietary treatments consisting of five(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors consider the problem of identifying new, unexpected, and interesting patterns in hospital infection control and public health surveillance data and present a new data analysis process and system based on association rules to address this problem. DESIGN The authors first illustrate the need for automated pattern discovery and data(More)
The purpose of this paper is to call attention to trends and curricula in the two areas of telecommunications and computer science. Telecommunications is in its infancy as an interdisciplinary academic subject which spans primarily the disciplines of electrical engineering, computer science and management. There are few telecommunications degree programs or(More)
The emerging bioinformatics research community can benefit from an increase in computer science collaborators. One of the barriers to computer science collaboration is the lack of bioinformatics domain knowledge in the computer science community. This paper presents a strategy for facilitating this domain knowledge acquisition with the goal of accelerating(More)
Integrative modelling is a concept which suggests that the modelling and simulation enterprise can best be advanced within a framework which provides a strong theory and software domain for dealing with many models at many levels of specification and application at once. This approach to modelling is important for several reasons; first, and perhaps most(More)
  • 1961
THE LOGIC behind the concept of periodic health examinations as a health maintenance procedure is impeccable. Yet many of us have feelings of doubt about their real value which are in conflict with this logic. Since logic has played only a small part in many of the successes of the scientific method, our doubts are at least respectable. It has however(More)