Warren T. Jackson

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This article reviews cellular energy transformation processes and neurochemical events that take place at the time of brain injury and shortly thereafter emphasizing hypoxia-ischemia, cerebrovascular accident, and traumatic brain injury. New interpretations of established concepts, such as diffuse axonal injury, are discussed; specific events, such as free(More)
A consecutive sample of 63 adventitiously blinded American military veterans in a interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation program participated in this study examining the relation of hope to self-reported functional ability level. Scores from a modified oral administration of the Hope Scale and the Millon Behavioral Health Inventory basic coping styles(More)
BACKGROUND Although serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) are the first-line treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), approximately half of patients with OCD do not respond adequately to SRI monotherapy. Patients with predominant obsessions are common in OCD and are often difficult to treat, necessitating adjunctive treatment. METHOD This was a(More)
This study evaluated the ability of the Orientation Log (O-Log) to predict cognitive outcome at rehabilitation discharge, as well as future neuropsychological outcome. The hypothesis was that patients who demonstrated better orientation upon admission would achieve superior functional cognitive outcome at discharge and on subsequent neuropsychological(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce a brief quantitative measure of cognitive orientation (to place, time, and situation) developed for daily use at bedside with rehabilitation inpatients. The Orientation Log (O-Log) is a 10-item scale that allows for partial credit based on responsiveness to logical, multiple-choice, or phonemic cueing. It is formatted for rapid visual(More)
As part of a comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluation conducted prior to participation in an outpatient chronic pain treatment program, the psychological status of 101 persons was assessed. The majority of participants was found to have a form of personality disorder, determined by conservative cutoff scores applied to their Millon Clinical Multiaxial(More)
OBJECTIVE To test mediating effects of positive emotion and activity restriction on the associations of resilience and pain interference with distress reported by individuals with traumatic upper limb loss evaluated for prosthetics. DESIGN Cross-sectional correlational study of several demographic and self-report measures of resilience, pain interference,(More)
Current conceptualizations of schizophrenia include neurocognitive impairment, particularly in aspects of attention, memory, and executive functioning. Evaluation of these cognitive abilities typically involves use of comprehensive batteries which may take up to six hours to complete. The current study examined the effectiveness of a briefer battery to(More)
This study assessed the construct validity of Visual Reproduction (VR) Cards A (Flags) and B (Boxes) from the original Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS) compared to Flags and Boxes from the revised edition of the WMS (WMS-R). Independent raters scored Flags and Boxes using both the original and revised scoring criteria and correlations were obtained with age,(More)