Warren R. Rule

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The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory asserts that state anxiety varies with situational stress and that trait anxiety is related to relatively stable individual differences in proneness to anxiety. This study investigated test-retest reliabilities related to an anxiety-provoking social analogue involving a female confederate. The results, obtained from the(More)
Two comparable samples of college students were administered the same survey of attitudes toward counseling in 1976 and 1989. Ratings were obtained for (1) likelihood of seeking counseling, (2) likelihood of seeking help from professional and nonprofessional helpers, (3) likelihood of seeking help for differing types of problems, (4) degree of(More)
A significant amount of research has been devoted to the nature of boredom and how to overcome, get rid of, or otherwise negate the unwanted effects of this complicated problem. Curiously, extremely little has been published on how to better accept boredom and to learn from its message. The clinical emphasis discussed in this paper is on reframing boredom(More)
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