Warren R. Anderson

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Several mRNAs which encode for isoforms of the plasma membrane Ca(2+)-transport ATPase (PMCA) are present in adult rat brain. Using in situ hybridization with antisense oligonucleotide probes we found complex patterns of specific hybridization for three isoforms (PMCA1-3). Each rat brain region studied exhibited a distinct pattern of expression of isoforms.(More)
The effects of intraventricular injection of kainic acid on the Na,K-ATPase (Na,K pump) were examined in discrete pyramidal cell regions of rat hippocampus. [3H]Ouabain binding was used to quantitate Na,K-ATPase catalytic subunits and in situ hybridization was used to determine Na,K-ATPase mRNA levels. Large decreases were found in both [3H]ouabain binding(More)
Previous studies have shown that morphine promotes the replication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 in peripheral blood mononuclear cell cocultures. In the present study, we tested the hypothesis that morphine would amplify HIV-1 expression in the chronically infected promonocytic clone U1 when cocultured with lipopolysaccharide-stimulated human(More)
Some Malpighiaceae produce minute cleistogamous flowers in addition to showy chasmogamous flowers. Standard techniques fail to reveal how the cleistogamous flowers achieve self-fertilization. Fluorescence in longitudinal sections shows that the pollen germinates inside the indehiscent anther. The pollen tubes then grow down through the filament,. into the(More)
This study measured the possible cross-reactivity of hapten-specific IgG antibodies purified from the sera of rabbits sensitized to an albumin-acetaldehyde conjugate [N-ethyl-rabbit serum albumin (N-ethyl-RSA)] with acetaldehyde-phosphatidylethanolamine adducts. The N-ethyl-RSA was coupled to an Affigel-10 column to affinity purify the IgG (anti-N-ethyl-RSA(More)
Details of a method for producing carcinoma of the aerodigestive tree of the Syrian golden hamster and the use of this model to evaluate putative agents for chemoprevention of these carcinomas are described. The method produces a majority of squamous carcinomas of the trachea and glottis that follow squamous metaplasia of respiratory epithelium. In(More)
This paper describes the mathematical framework, underlying an empirical model, that predicts human head response using only the motion present at vertebra T1. Based on this framework, a model for --Gx impact acceleration was developed from data obtained on six volunteer subjects participating in the NAMRL impact acceleration experiments. Model performance(More)
The Na+K+ ATPase (Na+ pump) plays a central role in regulating cation homeostasis and is thought to have an important role in cell proliferation. The multitude of subunit isoforms comprising the functional Na+K+ ATPase has raised the possibility that specific subunit isoform combinations may be involved in different cellular processes. We have investigated(More)