Warren P. Du Plessis

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An iterative algorithm for the numerical optimization of rank-1 Grassmannian codebooks is presented. This algorithm achieves the same results as the current state-of-the-art algorithm, but requires a median of 9.52 times less computation time. This improvement is achieved by reformulating the optimization problem to directly minimize coherence instead of(More)
Cyber is concerned with networks of systems in all their possible forms. Electronic warfare (EW) is focused on the many different uses of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). Given that many networks make use of the EMS (wireless networks), there is clearly large scope for collaboration between the cyber-warfare and EW communities. Unfortunately, such(More)
This paper presents the application of specific emitter identification (SEI) to access control and points out the security caveats of current radio-based access remotes. Specifically, SEI is applied to radio frequency (RF) access remotes used to open and close motorised gates in residential housing complexes for the purposes of access control. A(More)
The effect of allowing shared elements in interleaved thinned arrays is investigated. The sidelobe level (SLL) as a function of the number of shared elements mirrors the SLL of thinned arrays as a function of filling factor because the number of shared elements determines the filling factor of the subarrays. When the number of shared elements is small, the(More)
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