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A new topological algorithm is presented that generates all the faces of a genus O, 3-connected wireframe in 0(nz2) time, where m is the number of edges of the wire-frame. It is based on an eftlcient shortest path rdgorithm for cycle generation. The completely general wireframe to solid model conversion problem is also shown to be com-binatorially(More)
This paper studies matching of fragmented objects to recompose their original geometry. Solving this geometric reassembly problem has direct applications in archaeology and forensic investigation in the computer-aided restoration of damaged artifacts and evidence. We develop a new algorithm to effectively integrate both guidance from a template and from(More)
Geometric restoration that composes 3D fragmented pieces into the original complete object is an important computer graphics and geometric processing problem. Automatic and effective restoration has applications in many fields such as archeological reconstruction, digital heritage archiving, forensic evidence processing, to name a few. For example,(More)
Acknowledgments This dissertation would not have been possible without several contributions. First, I would like to thank my advisor Helena Verrill for her support and advice. Her trust in my work has given me a lot of autonomy. Her knowledge and patience were crucial to overcome dificulties in the course of my studies. I would also like to thank all the(More)
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