Warren M. Grill

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The goal of this study was to determine which neural elements are excited by microstimulation of the central nervous system. A cable model of a neuron including an axon, initial segment, axon hillock, soma, and simplified dendritic tree was used to study excitation with an extracellular point source electrode. The model reproduced a wide range of(More)
Motivated by the challenge of improving neuroprosthetic devices, the authors review current knowledge relating to harnessing the potential of spinal neural circuits, such as reflexes and pattern generators. If such spinal interneuronal circuits could be activated, they could provide the coordinated control of many muscles that is so complex to implement(More)
Karen Birmingham and Kristoffer Famm are at Bioelectronics R&D, GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NY, UK. Viviana Gradinaru is at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125, USA. Polina Anikeeva is at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, USA. Warren M. Grill is at Duke University,(More)
The effects of the stochastic gating properties of sodium channels on the extracellular excitation properties of mammalian nerve fibers was determined by computer simulation. To reduce computation time, a hybrid multicompartment cable model including five central nodes of Ranvier containing stochastic sodium channels and 16 flanking nodes containing(More)
A large-scale, three dimensional model of the upper extremity that combines the advantages of forward and inverse dynamics is under development. The model uses inversedynamic optimization to calculate an optimal set of neural excitations for a given movement. These excitations can be used as the starting point for investigations using a forward-dynamic(More)
Response of Midbrain Pain Receptors in a Rodent Model of Radiculopathy by Priscilla Y Hwang Department of Biomedical Engineering Duke University Date:___________________________ Approved: _____________________________ Lori A Setton, Supervisor ______________________________ Warren M Grill _____________________________ David F Katz An abstract of a thesis(More)
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