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Highly regular spatiotemporal or multidimensional patterns in the quantum mechanical probability or classical field intensity distributions can appear due to pair interference between individual eigenmodes of the system, thus forming the so-called intermode traces. These patterns are strongly pronounced in any anharmonic potential, provided that the traces(More)
The distributions of interisland gaps and captures zones for islands nucleated on a one-dimensional substrate during submonolayer deposition are considered using a novel retrospective view. This provides an alternative perspective on why scaling occurs in this continuously evolving system. Distributional fixed-point equations for the gaps are derived both(More)
Dust samples have been found to luminesce weakly under proton excitation, but not under ultraviolet. Damage, recovery, and heating effects have been investigated. Chips of breccia show luminescence, from white inclusions only, under ultraviolet and protons. Some rock chips show general luminescence, mainly from plagioclase. No natural or excited(More)
The Thomas-Fermi-Mott equation is modified to take account of the fact that conduction electrons in a metal may be considered to have an effective mass at wave-numbers comparable with or less than the inverse Debye screening length, but they should be considered to have the free-electron mass at much larger wavenumbers. This modification allows for a more(More)
  • Sabin, Hurley, +21 authors Monk A
  • 1987
The participants in the workshop were requested t o bring their 10 favorite references on user interfac e development tools. Approximately one third of th e workshop attendees complied with this reauest, and th e following bibliography was constructed from the materia l they contributed. The entries in the bibliography fall int o two groups. The first group(More)
The nucleation and growth of point islands during submonolayer deposition on a one-dimensional substrate is simulated for critical island size i=0,1,2,3. The small- and large-size asymptotics for the gap-size and capture-zone distributions (CZDs) are studied. Comparisons to theoretical predictions from fragmentation equation analyses are made, along with(More)
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A simple model of a metal containing deuterons is considered. The example of palladium is treated in detail. It is shown that the effect of screening of Coulomb fields by conduction electrons is sufficient to allow deuteron pairs to fuse at rates of 10(-30) sec(-1), seven orders of magnitude smaller than those reported by Jones et al. [Jones, S. E., Palmer,(More)