Warren Harrop

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Identifying and reacting to malicious or anomalous IP traffic is a significant challenge for network operators. Automated real-time responses have been simplistic and require followup actions by technically specialised employees. We describe a system where off-the-shelf 3D game-engine technology enables collaborative network control through familiar(More)
This paper describes how a first person shooter (FPS) game engine can be leveraged for monitoring and control of enterprise IP data networks. Network administration can then occur in the following manner: network events (such as port scans or packets hitting a darknet) are translated in real time to various changes in the 3D game world state. Network(More)
Darknets are often proposed to monitor for anomalous, externally sourced traffic, and require large, contiguous blocks of unused IP addresses - not always feasible for enterprise network operators. We introduce and evaluate the Greynet - a region of IP address space that is sparsely populated with 'darknet' addresses interspersed with active (or 'lit') IP(More)
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