Warren F. Smith

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The authors present 3 patients who underwent neuroendovascular procedures in which DynaCT produced by a flat-panel detector facilitated management of complications. As part of a combined CT/angiography suite, DynaCT offered the major advantage of immediate detection or exclusion of intracranial complication without patient transfer. The quality of(More)
Industry is faced with complexity and uncertainty and we in academ-ia are motivated to respond to these challenges. Hence this paper is the product of thoughts for exploring the model-based realization of engineered systems. From the perspective that the activity of designing is a decision making process, it follows that better decisions will be made when a(More)
Scapania gaochii was described from Yunnan without indication of the herbarium where the type was conserved. Therefore, this name was invalidly published (ICN Art. 37.7; McNeill et al. 2012) and needs validation. The format of this note follows Söderström et al. Note:—The description in Cao et al. (2003: 541) validates the taxon together with the current(More)
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