Warren E. Shreve

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Six methods for implementing the widely used Clarke-Wright algorithm for the vehicle routing problem (VRP) are presented and compared. Fifty-five large test problems are used to compare the methods. The methods involve alternative ways to access adjacency information in both low and high density problems. The results clearly establish methods of choice for(More)
A given nonincreasing sequence D = (d1, d2, · · · , dn) is said to contain a (nonincreasing) repetition sequence D∗ = (di1 , di2 , · · · , dik ) for some k ≤ n − 2 if all values of D −D∗ are distinct and for any dil ∈ D ∗ there exists some dt ∈ D −D∗ such that dil = dt. For any pair of integers n and k with n ≥ k + 2, we investigate the existence of a(More)