Warren D Flood

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Three adult female monkeys were trained to direct their gaze toward auditory targets. When the animals were free to move their heads about the vertical axis, this was accomplished with short-latency, coordinated eye-head movements reminiscent of responses to visual targets. The similarity of response to auditory and visual targets suggests a common motor(More)
Much is understood about the response of the brain to seizure but little is known in relation to the underlying molecular mechanisms involved. We used microarray technology to investigate the complex genetic response of the brain to generalized seizure. For this investigation a seizure-specific mouse brain cDNA library was generated and spotted onto(More)
The ophthalmic, maxillary and mandibular axon branches of the trigeminal ganglion provide cutaneous sensory innervation to the vertebrate face. In the chick embryo, the trigeminal ganglion is bilobed, with ophthalmic axons projecting from the ophthalmic lobe, while maxillary and mandibular projections emerge from the maxillomandibular lobe. To date, target(More)
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