Warren C. Phillips

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Twenty-five patients who had histologically proved osteoid osteoma and whose major symptom was joint pain were studied. Retrospective study of clinical data and radiographs revealed that almost all of the lesions were located near the painful joint and that there had been significant delay in determination of the correct diagnosis. The delay was related to(More)
A retrospective review was made of the pretreatment radiographs of 20 patients with well-documented primary lymphoma of bone. Nine radiographic signs were defined, and the presence or absence of each was recorded for each patient. When the radiographic findings were compared with disease-free survival for each patient, it was found that patients who had a(More)
The authors retrospectively evaluated the clinical records and radiographs of 20 patients with a variety of neoplasms in the long bones treated with local resection and allograft replacement. All of the tumors were peridiaphyseal and required an interposed (intercalary) segmental allograft replacement. Postoperative complications developed in 40% of the(More)
Component loosening of prosthetic hip replacements was evaluated solely by plain films in 56 patients and solely by arthrography in 49. Radiographic results and surgical findings were compared in all cases. Arthrography was associated with fewer errors. For acetabular component loosening, there were 11% fewer errors made by arthrography (26% versus 15%).(More)
Review of 190 consecutive fractures of the distal radius revealed 14 instances of ligamentous carpal instability (7.4%). Instability was more likely to occur in older patients but was not related to the degree of fracture displacement. There was an association between instability and radial styloid fracture, and in five of nine Colles fractures a separate(More)
The results of 148 preoperative hip aspirations performed in the radiology department were analyzed and compared with those of preoperative aspirations done in the operating room in another group of patients. The aspirations were performed in a standard fluoroscopic room used only for "clean procedures"; strict aseptic precautions were used. The majority of(More)
The authors retrospectively evaluated the clinical records and radiographs obtained from 41 patients who had giant cell tumor of bone and who were treated by local resection and allograft replacement. Postoperative complications developed in 41% of the patients. However, the eventual clinical outcome was considered to be satisfactory in 85% of all cases.(More)
The terms of medical decision making (i.e., accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, predictive value, false positive/negative rates) are often seen in the radiologic literature. The interrelationships among these terms are explained, with special emphasis on the following: (1) How useful a procedure is for detecting/excluding disease depends on sensitivity,(More)
Six patients with bacteriologically proven pyogenic osteomyelitis of the spine were followed serially with computed tomography (CT). Initial evaluation of the involved vertebral bodies and adjacent soft tissues showed a drop in CT numbers when compared to normal cancellous bone and soft tissues. A soft-tissue mass was seen in all cases. After appropriate(More)