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Alliance formation is commonplace in many high-technology industries experiencing radical technological change, where established firms use alliances with new entrants to adapt to technological change, while new entrants benefit from the ability of established players to commercialize the new technology. Despite the prevalence of these alliances, we know(More)
Comments are encouraged. Please do not cite or reference without permission. Abstract This study examines the influence of the structure and composition of a firm's alliance network on its exploratory innovation. In a longitudinal investigation of 77 telecommunications equipment manufacturers, I find the technological diversity of a firm's alliance partners(More)
Multimarket (or multipoint) contact has been shown to deter aggressive actions by rivals toward each other, producing a situation of mutual forbearance among firms. To create this deterrent capability, however, firms must enter each others' markets, which is just the kind of action that the deterrent is supposed to limit. This study explores the questions:(More)
Starting from a case of marked pain insensitivity in a patient suffering from catatonic schizophrenia we state in this paper that analgesia seems to be an ubiquitous phenomenon which is not only caused by physical disorders of the central nervous system. Different models of interpretation as to be found in scientific literature are reviewed. On the basis of(More)
Autoprotective efforts of schizophrenics have hardly been systematically investigated until now, although the role of coping processes in regard to numerous psychic disorders is increasingly recognized. The investigation of autoprotective efforts, however, is of special significance in view of the different current formulations of the vulnerability stress(More)
Working paper. Comments are most welcome. Several people provided valuable suggestions in various stages of this project. Special thanks to and the anonymous reviewers for many helpful ideas. We also thank Jim Hirabayashi from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and several executives and engineers from the robotics industry for their time and valuable(More)
New experimental findings show that schizophrenics, as well as some of their non-schizophrenic relatives, manifest basic cognitive disorders defined in terms of variables from the field of experimental psychology. These basic disorders can be regarded as markers--if not, indeed, as psychological manifestations--of vulnerability to schizophrenia. They can be(More)
[Correction Notice: An Erratum for this article was reported online in Journal of Applied Psychology on Mar 9 2017 (see record 2017-10684-001). In the original article, the wrong figure files were used. All versions of this article have been corrected.] We investigate a particular aspect of CEO successor trustworthiness that may be critically important(More)
Running title: Private equity and value creation 1 The authors are grateful to Robert Wiltbank and Warren Boeker for providing the confidential venture names in the Kauffman Angel Investors Performance Project survey data, and to Abstract: We examine the influence of private equity, in particular angel groups and venture capital (VC) investments, in shaping(More)