Warren Bennis

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Too focused on "scientific" research, business schools are hiring professors with limited real-world experience and graduating students who are ill equipped to wrangle with complex, unquantifiable issues-in other words, the stuff of management. For many years, MBA programs enjoyed rising respectability in academia and growing prestige in the business world.(More)
This article surveys contemporary trends in leadership theory as well as its current status and the social context that has shaped the contours of leadership studies. Emphasis is placed on the urgent need for collaboration among social-neuro-cognitive scientists in order to achieve an integrated theory, and the author points to promising leads for(More)
Forty-three years ago, Douglas McGregor's The Human Side of Enterprise offered managers a new assumption of management (Theory Y), which would be more effective than what he considered then-current management assumptions (Theory X). While McGregor's Theory Y model has been widely adopted in management literature as the preferred model, Theory X management(More)
This paper gives a practical account of a recent eighteen-month long action inquiry project, in which the author facilitated (and co-inquired with) a mixed group of police managers with the intention of improving our own leadership practices. Six phases of the inquiry are identified; doing the groundwork, getting the group together, creating a safe(More)