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Stromatolites are commonly interpreted as evidence of ancient microbial life, yet stromatolite morphogenesis is poorly understood. We apply radiometric tracer and dating techniques, molecular analyses and growth experiments to investigate siliceous stromatolite morphogenesis in Obsidian Pool Prime (OPP), a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. We examine(More)
The Australian Organic Market Report (AOMR) allows industry, governments, media, researchers, representative organisations and others to make accurate assessments of current market status, identify potential growth areas, report on areas of significance and map development for the organic industry. The AOMR is biennial. This is the third benchmark Report by(More)
Results are presented from the exposure of a CMS performance prototype MSGC to a fast neutron beam having an average energy of 20 MeV and an intensity of 7 10 6 neutrons/mm 2 /s. A fluence equivalent to 3 years of LHC operation has been accumulated without damages to the detector. The stability of the MSGC operation in a heavily ionising particle flux is(More)
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