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The present experiments were carried out to determine the effects of energy deposition from energetic iron (56Fe particles, an important component of cosmic rays) on motor behavioral performance and to determine if the observed deficits were caused by alterations in the neostriatum (an important motor control area). Neostriatal function was assessed with(More)
The DRAT-trim tool is a satisfiability proof checker based on the new DRAT proof format. Unlike its predecessor, DRUP-trim, all presently known SAT solving and preprocessing techniques can be validated using DRAT-trim. Checking time of a proof is comparable to the running time of the proof-producing solver. Memory usage is also similar to solving memory(More)
Evidence is accumulating suggesting that ethanol has a biphasic effect on several neurotransmitters in the brain and that interactions between two or more transmitters may contribute to the behavioral response obtained after ethanol administration. In the nigrostriatal complex where the most data have been derived, dopaminergic activity responds in a(More)
The verification of a microprocessor design has been accomplished using a mechanical theorem prover. This microprocessor, the FM8502, is a 32-bit general-purpose, von Neumann processor whose design-level (gate-level) specification has been verified with respect to its instruction-level specification. Both specifications were written in the Boyer-Moore(More)