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An investigation has been made into the effect produced by photo-induced pyrimidine cross-links upon the secondary structure of DNA. We have studied the effect of uv irradiation upon the B in equilibrium A transition in DNA brought about by a change of solvent from 70 to 80% ethanol. Circular dichroism (CD) was used to monitor the conformational changes.(More)
The Raman spectra of aqueous solutions of myosin and mixtures of myosin in solutions of the salts CaCl(2), MgCl(2), and LiBr have been taken. The spectrum of the solvent background has been subtracted by means of a computer, leaving only the Raman peaks of the protein. From an analysis of the Raman bands in the regions at 900, 940, 1,240-1,300, and(More)
Optically active amino acids contain many highly efficient optical second-harmonic generators. When light from a ruby laser at 6943 A falls on the crystalline amino acids with sufficient intensity, the second harmonic of the light at 3471 A can be observed. Although the symmetry requirements for optical second-harmonic generation are always met by(More)
Raman spectra of fibers of DNA that have been prepared in the A, B, and C forms are presented and compared with Raman spectra of DNA and RNA in dilute solution. It is shown that the phosphate vibrations in the region 750-850 cm(-1) are very sensitive to the specific conformation of the phosphate group in the backbone chain and are virtually independent of(More)
Raman, absorbance, and kinetic measurements were used to determine how the serine protease active site feature known as the oxyanion hole interacts with an acyl-enzyme intermediate. The substrate, p-(dimethylamino)benzoylimidazolide (DAB-Im), was synthesized and used to prepare DAB-acyl-enzymes of wild-type (WT) and N155G subtilisin-BPN' (the N155G mutant(More)