Waressara Weerawat

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Manufacture-to-order is an increasingly popular strategy in commodity electronics and other similar markets where many different product configurations can be produced from common components. To succeed in this environment, manufacturers need to keep both cost and order fulfillment time low. In this article, we compare three different mechanisms that a(More)
The orthopedic outpatient department (OPD) ward in a large Thai public hospital is modeled using Discrete-Event Stochastic (DES) simulation. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure effects across various clinical operations during different shifts throughout the day. By considering various KPIs such as wait times to see doctors, percentage of(More)
As one of the tsunami affected countries in December 2004, Thailand realized a need for and subsequently established a national crisis management center (NCMC). The key purpose of establishing the NCMC was to streamline logistical issues in disaster management. These logistical issues mainly related to ways in which to bring in and deploy proper resources(More)
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