Warda Benhadjala

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Thin capacitors using new hybrid nanoparticles as dielectric material have been successfully fabricated by a roll-to-roll process. The nanoparticles with a BaTiO<sub>3</sub> core and a hyperbranched polyester shell have been synthesized at a filler fraction of approximately 41 wt%. For the first time, dielectric properties of monolithic nanocomposite-based(More)
In our recent publication we have demonstrated that BaTiO<sub>3</sub>/hyperbranched polyester/methacrylate hybrid nano-particles, with a filler fraction of 41 wt.% first dissolved in 2-butoxyethanol and crosslinked during 3 hours (at 125&#x00B0;C), exhibited highly promising dielectric constant as high as 85 at 1kHz. On the other hand, when the same hybrid(More)
Viscoplastic finite-element simulation was used to predict reliability of solder joints in a high temperature 4-chips stacked capacitor mounted on a PCB under temperature cycling (-55&#x00B0;C to +125&#x00B0;C, 45min ramps/60min dwells). A three-dimensional (3D) model was built considering the materials properties of a commercial component. Capacitor(More)
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