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The fungal chitin deacetylases (CDA) studied so far are able to perform heterogeneous enzymatic deacetylation on their solid substrate, but only to a limited extent. Kinetic data show that about 5–10% of the N-acetyl glucosamine residues are deacetylated rapidly. Thereafter enzymatic deacetylation is slow. In this study, chitin was exposed to various(More)
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Allergy to latex proteins has become an important problem, especially in the medical profession, but also in people who have regularly contact with latex products. The responsible antigens are proteins, which are present in the natural rubber latex (NRL), extracted from Hevea brasiliensis. These proteins are important in the synthesis of rubber and in the(More)
Earlier studies have indicated that Eurasian milfoil is not as large a problem in Otsego Lake as in other water bodies (Minor, 1997). It has been hypothesized that Acentria ephemerella. present in Otsego Lake, controls Eurasian milfoil (Merrifield and Hannan, 1988). In its larval stage Acentria grazes on milfoil, hindering its growth. In the summer of 1997(More)
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