Waqas Sethi

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The title compound, [Co2(L)2](3+)·3NO3 (-) [where L = CH3C(CH2NHCH2CH2OH1/2)3], has been synthesized from the ligand 1,1,1-tris-(2-hy-droxy-ethyl-amino-meth-yl)ethane. The cobalt(III) dimer has an inter-esting and uncommon O-H⋯O hydrogen-bonding motif with the three bridging hy-droxy H atoms each being equally disordered over two positions. In the dimeric(More)
The reaction of the pro-ligand H4L, which combines the complementary phenolic oxime and diethanolamine moieties within the same organic framework, with Zn(NO3)2·6H2O and Ln(NO3)3·6H2O in a basic methanolic solution generates a family of isostructural heterometallic coordination compounds of general formula [Ln6Zn2(CO3)5(OH)(H2L)4(H3L)2(H4L)]NO3·xMeOH [Ln =(More)
In a Vilsmeier-Haack-type formylation reaction the α-(dihydroxymethyl)-(S)-prolinato complex (+)578-p-[Co(tren){(RC,SN)-Pro[CH(OH)2]O}]Cl2·2H2O (22) was produced stereoselectively (85% ee) from the (S)-prolinato complex, (+)578-p-[Co(tren){(SC,SN)-ProO}]2(H3O)2(HOEt2)(O3SCF3)7 (18). Similar reaction of the (S)-alaninato complex,(More)
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